Telecine Services


N8/super8 (with or without sound) to video (DVD, BluRay or HardDrive)              2,00€/minute + 22% VAT
the minutes will be calculated on the effective duration you will get

16mm (with or without sound (optical and magnetical)) to video                            2,50€/minute + 22% VAT
(DVD, BluRay or HardDrive)

every DVD-R 4,7GB                                                                                                           5,00€  + 22% VAT
every BluRAY 25GB                                                                                                         15,00€  + 22% VAT

transfer to Harddrive (to be supplied by the customer)                                                   0,00€

for 3K add 0,50€ + 22% VAT per minute

minimum duration is 15min

IMPORTANT: before sending materials always contact me, as I'm doing the transfer personally, and therefore in periods where I'm  working on film projects it might take longer to get the films back.

Always indicate the desired frame rate, in case you don't know the original frame rate I will use the one I believe is the right one.

Please check the junctures on the film, the Projectors I use are very gentle to the film, nothing the less old or half broken junctures will easily break
and have then to be repaired, this costs time and I charge for every juncture I have to remake 0,50€.

I do NOT transfer copyright protected materials or materials you do not own the rights for.

Maximum reel size for 8mm, super8 and single8 is 240m / 800ft.

Maximum reel size for 16mm is 600m / 2000ft.

For telecine I use modified Projectors from the BAUER STUDIO SERIES.The images get captured directly from the filmplane with a professional single sensor super35 video camera that is connected to the projector and syncs it perfectly. From there it gets transferred directly to a computer for further elaboration in ADOBE PREMIER CS 6.0 and DVD STUDIO PRO4 or ENCORE DVD 4. For super8 I use a BAUER T610  that captures precisely 25f/sec. For N8 I use a N8-modified BAUER T502 that captures 25f/sec. For 16mm I use a BAUER P8 TS universal  that captures precisely 25f/sec. Other frame rates are obtained by changing them in ADOBE PREMIER Pro CS6. For the HD files, the footage will be interpreted at the correct framerate, while for SD or DVD/BluRay the footage will be converted to 25f/sec(DVD) and 24f/sec (BluRay).


sample super8 25f/sec                            sample n8 16 and 2/3 f/sec