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About da Palmer Film

Da Palmer Film is a small production company, located in South Tyrol in the north of Italy.

It was founded in 2001 as Blue Star Film and changed its name to Da Palmer Film in 2005, as Blue Star Film became an independent company in Munich, Germany. Both companies are in close cooperation.

Da Palmer Film produces mainly documentaries, short and feature length fiction films, or collaborates with other production companies mainly in the camera department.

As for production equipment, an editing suite (Final Cut Pro Studio, Deck Link Extreme), DV cameras (JVC GY-DV 700 WEcl, Canon XL1) and super16mm cameras (AATON Ltr 7, BOLEX SBM, BOLEX H16reflex with underwater housing) are available.

Productions in super8/single8 mm (FUJICA zc1000, Beaulieu ZM4, Bauer A512) and telecine services are also offered.

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Battery Power Solutions

IDX V-Mount Battery Set

2x Li-Ion Battery IDX CUE-D95 (91Wh / 6,3Ah /14,4V / V-Mount / 1xD-Tap) + 1x IDX charger VL-2x

FGV development POWER BOX Arriflex
(24V input/ 3x 24V output RS + 1x 12V output 11pin Fischer)

LANPARTE V mount baterry pinch and spliter
(5V,7.4V,12V,15V,D-tap output / Smart charging function / built in HDMI splitter / 15mm rod connecto /USB charging port for Iphone and Ipad)

MULTISPARKV mount baterry pinch and spliter
(5V,7.2V,12V,D-tap output)

DEDO Power Pack NC
(12V and 24V swichable with built-in charger)

NP1 Li-Io Batteries

Sony NP-F adapter
(to 2 pin fisher)

Panasonic Battery adapter
(to 2 pin fisher)
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