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Da Palmer Film è una piccola casa di produzione situata in Alto Adige nel nord d'Italia.

È stata fondata nel 2001 col nome Blue Star Film e ha cambiato nome in da Palmer Film nel 2005, visto che Blue Star Film è diventata una casa di produzione autonoma locata a Monaco in Germania.
Tuttora le due case di produzione collaborano strettamente.

Da Palmer Film produce principalmente documentari, cortometraggi e lungometraggi di fiction, o collabora con altre produzioni sopratutto nel dipartimento di camera.


Come atrezzature ci sono una sala montaggio (Final Cut Pro Studio, Deck Link Extreme), telecamere DV (JVC GY-DV 700 WEcl, Canon XL1) e cineprese super16 (AATON Ltr 7, BOLEX SBM, BOLEX H16reflex con scafandro).

Ofre anche produzioni in super8/single8 mm (FUJICA zc1000, Beaulieu ZM4, Bauer A512) e servizi di telecinema sia in 8mm che in super8/single8.

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(collaboration as cinematographer)

uno di noi

Alexander Langer, co-founder of the Italian Green Party and party leader in the European Parliament,
wanted to engage with communities of any possible form. He worked restlessly for underprivileged people and groups,
for those speaking minority languages, for those belonging to different religions.
Because of his determined commitment Alexander Langer earned everybody's respect,
even beyond the boundaries of the parliamentary party and was considered one of the masterminds in European politics.
"If you have visions, you should consult a doctor", the German ex-Chancellor Helmut Schmidt once said.
Alexander Langer did not follow this advice. In the summer of 1995 he hanged himself in the hills near Florence.
UNO DI NOI reflects upon the vision Alexander Langer had of Europe.
The starting point are some of the speeches he gave to the European Parliament between 1989 and 1995.
From there, the film gathers opinions and contributions from individuals who share Alexander Langer’s ideals and values,
and who took on, with different means and in different forms, the fight for a fairer and better world.
From their words and experiences, it emerges how difficult this fight is and what huge means of repression their resistance faces.
Our film reveals how, in light of the drastic changes our planet has undergone, we are more then ever in need in need of figures like Alexander Langer,
who are courageous enough to stand up for ethical values in an ever-changing, globalising world...

Interview Partners: Lena Zühlke, Salvatore Cavallero, Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Franz Josef Radermacher, Adriano Sofri, Fulvio Vassallo, Jean Ziegler
Director and Producer: Dietmar Höss
Assistant Directors: Emma Lantschner, Johanna Grolig
Cinematographer: Daniel Mahlknecht
Editor: Martine De Biasi,
Production Company: Blue Star Film

Supported by
-The Greens in the European Parliament
- Autonome Provinz Bozen-Südtirol
- Stiftung Südtiroler Sparkasse
- Alexander Langer Stiftung
- Aquino Film 

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